The Foundation

Charter and Regulation

Charter and Regulation

The status of foundations is clearly defined by Ciampi Act of 1998/99 and in two sentences of the Constitutional Court (No. 300 and 301 of 2003) which make up the entire legislation on the matter. The Foundations are independently managed by the non-profitable public benefit organizations, who have their own statutes which operate in sectors of public interest. Since they operate in sectors of public interest, they are subject to the oversight of the Ministry for Finance and Economic Affairs which makes sure that the officers of foundations act in compliance with the law and the statutes.

Fondazione Sicilia has its own statute that took into effect on December 17, 2001 and has been progressively fine-tuned to the current version which has now been in force.

The statute governs, inter alia, the purposes and areas of action of the Foundation, the programming activities, the use of assets, the transparency and the composition of the governing bodies.

To regulate its operations,  the Foundation has also endowed a series of regulations.

The charter includes the text enforced since December 17, 2001- private juridical status acquisition date.


In June 2008  has also adopted a code of ethics / conduct.