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Historical Archive

Historical Archive

The Banco di Sicilia historical Archive, which is located next to Villa Zito, keeps over 18.000 volumes including a vast part of the banking economical history of Sicily (in particular Palermo), of the period 1552 to 1991, the same year in which it was assigned to the Foundation.

Within the historical Archive there are four sections.

The first for the pecuniary table of Palermo (1552-1857), established by the senate of Palermo on February 1, 1552 by decree of magistrate Cesare Lanza in front of notary Giacomo Capobianco; another section is dedicated to the funds of the pecuniary table of Messina  (1587-1753); the fund section of the counter of the courts of Palermo and Messina (1844-1850), founded by Ferdinando II on April 1843 as annex of the Banco Regio delle Due Sicilie denominated Banco Nazionale della Sicilia (January 1848 - April 1849) during the revolutionary period, and then, in the month of August 1850, they were independentely established under the name of Banco Regio dei Domini beyond the Faro (1850-1867).
Furthermore the section concerning the archive funds of the Banco di Sicilia, since 1867, when the former Public-law Institution turned into public limited company.

The archive material belongs to the Foundation except the one of the Palermo's Board which has given way to the the Banco di Sicilia on consignment, in the course of a convention between the municipality of Palermo signed on 18 December 1948.