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The collections

The Foundation’s collections are housed in Palermo inside the sixteenth century Palazzo Branciforte and in Villa Zito. They include archaeological findings, coins, stamps, tin-glazed pottery, sculptures, paintings, prints and drawings, standing as a testament to the culture of the Island, from prehistory to the twentieth century. 

The collections of the Fondazione Sicilia are housed in Palermo, in the sixteenth century Palazzo Branciforte and in Villa Zito.

Inside Palazzo Branciforte visitors can admire the archaeological, coin, stamp, tin-glazed pottery, sculpture and fresco on panel collections.

Villa Zito is home to the collections of paintings, prints and drawings.


The archaeological collection comprises over 4,700 findings, including fascinating prehistoric vases, ceramics of different kinds and from different ages (prehistoric, Greek, Siceliot, South Italian Ancient Greek and indigenous from the Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic periods), as well as architectural and votive terracottas, bronzes, glass, ivory and many other masterpieces.

The collections of Sicilian coins stand as evidence of ongoing minting in Sicily, from the Aragons right up to the Bourbons.

The stamp collection presents rare postal documents, in particular the first postage stamps issued by the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.

The sculpture collection (55 pieces in total) includes bronzes by Pasquale and Benedetto Civiletti, by Antonio Ugo, by Ettore Cumbo, Jaroslav Horejc, Giacomo Manzù, Edouard Drouot, Giacomo della Giustina and many other artists, as well as marbles, waxworks and terracottas.

Of particular interest are the eight frescoes on panel by the seventeenth century artists Gaspard Dughet, which can be admired in Palazzo Branciforte, in the areas adjoining the Auditorium.

The tin-glazed pottery collection includes works produced between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries by Italian, European and Eastern kilns, the central nucleus of which is housed inside Ristorante Branciforte. 

The art gallery of the Fondazione Sicilia - in Villa Zito – includes about 120 paintings by great masters of the  Sicilian school of the second half of the nineteenth century and the early twentieth century, such as Francesco Lojacono, Antonino Leto, Michele Catti, Ettore De Maria Bergler and others.

Also present are the permanent collections of the works of two twentieth century Sicilian masters - Michele Dixit Domino and Pippo Rizzo, one of the leading exponents of Italian Futurism.

The collection of prints and drawings is composed of a corpus that includes a thousand or so engravings, woodcuts, etchings, lithographs, drawings, gouaches, watercolours and temperas and over five thousand prints contained in books and atlases. Of considerable merit is the collection of maps of Sicily, which reconstructs the historical evolution of mapmaking from the XVI to the XVIII century, from the redevelopment of Ptolemy’s theories to the geographical findings of the scientific principles of the Enlightenment.