The Heritage

Villa Zito

Villa Zito

A neoclassical building erected around the mid eighteenth century in Via Libertà, 52, Palermo. 
Inside this historical Palazzo is the art gallery, which contains prints and paintings, as well as the Historical Archive of Banco di Sicilia, assigned to the Foundation upon its establishment.


Villa Zito is one of the greatest examples of the neoclassical period in Palermo. The casena was founded by Gaspare Scichili around the middle of the eighteenth century in a district known as terre rosse which at that time was well outside the city walls. It was used as a dwelling, mentioned above the main doorway.

Hinc lites, strepitus, curae, hinc procul ite cadentes, hic reparent animos otia, rura, quies.

Throughout the years, Banco di Sicilia had used the building for different purposes until it decided to restore it in 1980 to be the prestigious seat of Mormino Foundation (Culture Office of the bank at that time), to exhibit the great art heritage, that was until then kept at the second floor of the noble Palazzo seat of the Banco in via Roma.