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International Forum “Developing the Regions of Africa and Europe"

International Forum “Developing the Regions of Africa and Europe"

The first edition of the Forum, promoted by the Foundation and organised with the support of The European House - Ambrosetti, was held in Palermo in 2007.

The forum sets itself the goal of strengthening strategic and economic relations between Africa and Europe, promoting the implementation of solid business initiatives for the mutual benefit of both continents and defining the role that Italy and Sicily can play in facilitating these relations.


The second, third, fourth and fifth editions took place in Taormina, in autumn of 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 respectively.

Over the years African ministers, representatives from institutions and European governments, business people, investors, scientists and international observers have taken part. 


In 2012, the Forum launched the “Tavolo di Taormina”, an international think tank on subjects regarding the development of Africa, which brings together 15 eminent representatives from the European Union, Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and for International Cooperation and Integration, from NEPAD - African Union, the Moroccan government, the South African government, Confindustria and major private groups operating in  Africa. The aim is to contribute to the definition of a new international agenda for the strengthening of relations between Europe and Africa, which – starting with Sicily – sets out to be a permanent workshop for future development.