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MondelloGiovani – Young Literature Festival

MondelloGiovani – Young Literature Festival

The MondelloGiovani, young literature festival has joined the Premio Letterario Internazionale Mondello since 2008, and addresses younger generations, with special attention to new trends and the new languages of fiction, to develop an all-encompassing reflection on contemporary literature.

MondelloGiovani takes place in autumn in Palermo, in venues popular among youths: cafés, bookshops and evocative areas in the heart of the historical city centre.

Every year, the Festival provides opportunities for exchange and discussion, reading, music, poetry meetings and addresses by writers and young critics. The guests are Italian authors of fiction, poetry and non-fiction, belonging to an age group that spans twenty- and thirty-somethings right up to those who are considered the masters of this new generation. The attention to Sicilian authors is also a testament to the festival’s ever growing consolidation in the area.

An event that, springing from the Mondello Prize, aims at becoming a reference point in the literary scene today, originating in Sicily and its solid cultural tradition.